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As computer / mobile / technology become part of our day to day life we cannot ignore them but learn them and use them effectively.

The link is an initiative from USA® is a nonprofit dedicated to expanding access to computer science in schools and increasing participation by women and underrepresented minorities. Our vision is that every student in every school has the opportunity to learn computer science, just like biology, chemistry or algebra. provides the leading curriculum for K-12 computer science in the largest school districts in the United States and also organizes the annual Hour of Code campaign which has engaged 10% of all students in the world. is supported by generous donors including Amazon, Facebook, Google, the Infosys Foundation, Microsoft, and many more.

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Ignite Me: Solar Lamps Distributed To Vaaikkaal Paarai Govt School

Dear All,

Greetings from GLD Movement.

As part of CAO-Junior, we are pleased to collaborate with rural government schools students in the process of their education development.

As part of that, through IGNITE ME initiative we distributed solar lamps to the 12th students .Our hearty thanks to each and everyone who made it possible.

Special thanks to all the Teachers, Students and HM of Vaaikkaal Paarai Government HS School.

With Greetings,
Team GLD Movement

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+91-94455 28556 – R. Mahendran – FB: Mahe Raj Saro

Solar Lamps Distributed to Perumbedu Govt School Students

Dear All,

Greetings from GLD Movement.

As part of CAO-Junior, we are pleased to collaborate with rural government schools students in the process of their education development.

As part of that, through IGNITE ME initiative we got opportunity to donate solar lamps to thirty (12th) students of Perumbedu Government Higher Secondary School. We thank HM, teachers and students of the school for their support in organizing and successfully distributing lamps to students.

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Our hearty thanks to Mr. Basakaran, Mr. K. Nathan Anbu Priyan and Mr.Udhayakumar who helped us to identify the right students.


Wonderful speech from Mr.Nathan Anbu Priyan inspired all the students, teachers.   Delicious meal at Mr.Udhayakumar’s home refuel us to start to our next schools visit.

Special thanks to Mr.Senthil,  Mr.Suthakaran & family,  Mr.Pavalan and Mr.Muthuraman for all their contribution in every step in this process.

Our hearty thanks to every donor on behalf of students of rural government schools.


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With Thanks and Greetings,

R. Mahendran

Founder – GLD Movement

20 – Oct – 2016


Dear All,

Greeting from GLD Movement.

Every moments are great for us when we are at field for social causes, learning is unlimited, we get chance to meet great people who inspire us to do more and more, Kugur government school located near Banagaluru, Karnataka is also example for the same.

People wonder and asked me many time how do you find the rural schools and also in very interior to support the students through Ignite Me program?   It’s very simple, we have good and great people who want to help others living every part of the world.    This School also referred by the Gunjur, Government School teachers to support the students of Kugur.

The great thing about the school are it’s natural environment, Head mistress and her great commitment to her students, teachers who helped us to support the students.  Of course the students of the schools and the people who gave their lands to build the schools long year back .   I thank everyone of them to successfully support 54, tenth students who is appearing for their board exams.

This school committed with our vision, in order to make Ignite Me program reach more students, the lamps will be used in that schools as a cyclic basis. [ Students will donate the lamps to their juniors once they complete their studies and any new requirements they will keep in touch with GLD Movement.]

I like to thank our members Jeya Gowri, Saravana Babu, Rama, Senthil Kumar, Koppamma and our friends come donors, who made this possible for us.   I’m really happy to be part of this event.   And we are committed that we’ll be supporting more students in forthcoming years in Karnataka.   Special thanks to Jeya Gowri who done all the ground work for this project.   I wish her all the very best for all her forthcoming projects.

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Very worrying point from the school is the drastic reduction in number of students studying in 10th standards,  it was 100+ during 2014-15,  54 now   and expected 35+ students next year.   It’s giving me the message that not only Government, also parents, students, teachers and society responsible for this change.

Personally i also committed to the students that in my next visit i’ll speak in Kannada.

With Lot of love from students we leave the schools after sweet distribution.  But my heart still roaming there to find the solution for the question.

With Greetings,

R. Mahendran

Founder and Member – GLD Movement


First Ignite Me (Solar Lamps Distribution) Program in 2016

Dear All,

Greetings and Thanks from team GLD Movement.

I personally feel that 2016 is a fast pace year for GLDM with a bashing FTC (For the Cause) 100 + km run, walk and cycling on 1st January followed by distribution of Solar Lamps to the much needy 10th and 12th standard students of Arignar Anna Boys Hr. Sec. School, Chengalpet and Govt Girls Hr. Sec. School, Chengalpet on 9th January. The event itself is a unique one for GLDM. To begin with, GLDM sets its first foot print in Chengalpet, Kanchipuram district. Next, the coverage of 125 students (99 girls and 26 boys), the first ever 100 +. And lastly, the event was organized for two different schools back to back on the same day.

It all began with a modest reference from Mrs Thilaka about the hurdles faced by these school students in preparing for their board exams due to frequent power outages. The situation further aggravated to its worst, when the villages around Chengalpet were severely hit by the cyclonic rains and floods in December’ 2015. Few of these students even lost their houses and other properties.

GLDM swiftly come up with a plan to support these students with the solar study lamps to aid them to prepare better for the exams. Within a very short span of about one month, field studies were completed followed by assessment of the students profile for short listing the worst affected ones. Requests were placed to the GLDM network and astonishingly the entire funds poured into GLDM’s account in just one night. Hats off to Mr.Rajenthiran and Family, Employees of M/S Gamesa Renewable Pvt, Ltd., for this rapid support! The program was fixed on 9th January and the lamps arrived on 6th January.

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The event at AA Boys Hr Sec School began at 09:30 hours with an inspirational speech by the HM followed by GLDM’s interaction with the students to understand their ambitions and career goals. A briefing on the solar lamp and its usage was given to the students. Lamps were then issued to the 14nos of 10th and 12 nos of 12th students through the school’s staffs. Feedback cards were issued and filled by the students. The session was wounded up with a thanking speech by few students.

Similarly the event at Govt Girls Hr Sec School was kicked off at 11:30 hours with an introductory speech by the AHM. Thanks to the patient students who almost were highly participative for about 2 hours in the open Basketball Court! After a very interactive session, the lamps were handed over to 76 nos of 10th and 23 nos of 12th students through the school staffs.

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It was amazing to the see the enthusiasm of the staffs throughout. Events couldn’t have materialized without them. There was a good bonding between them and the students. They were very keen in getting their students pass out with flying colours!

Few staffs also shared their experiences on social works and were willing to collaborate with us in the near future.


ignite me jan9

In a nutshell, the whole process went through as planned not much of setbacks. With wonderful takeaways and memorable interactions GLDM signed off hoping to return back soon.


With Greetings and Thanks,

A.M. Senthil Kumar

Co-Ordinator: CAO- JUNIOR

GLD Movement

IGNITE ME – Solar lamp distribution at Ayyanarpuram, Theni and Gunjur village, Bangalore

Dear all,

We are always happy to be a part of solution and this time its special for us.

Solar lamps were distributed to rural school students in Ayyanarpuram, Theni (DT) and for the first time in Gunjur village, Near Bangalore,Karnataka.

Special thanks to Thangesh, Jeyagowri and Uma maheshwari for organizing the events in the respective area. Thank you each and everyone who made it possible.

Join us to bring light to the rural students’ education.

With Greetings and Thanks,

Team GLD Movement.

My Experience: School Students Meet, Govt. High School, Ponthur

Dear All,

First and foremost, I would like to thank Head Master / Head Mistress of the school and my sister, without them, interaction with students are not at all possible for me.


Being students always great pleasure isn’t it?!  But many of us realize when we left our school or college days.   For me,  I’m not only student when I’m  sitting in front of my teachers or lecturers  but also standing in front of students to share my experience.

Every school and it’s students are unique one way another.  Today’s school students meet is a special one for me, the reason is “The Students of the School”.    Before you are going to ask me, how you knew before your visit? let me tell you, this is my second visit, first one was about two years ago, just after few month my sister got transferred to this school.    Even I’m not going to share each and every moment of my experience, let me summarize the things I learned from the students & teachers of the Ponthur High School.

While they are enjoying their childhood / student life, many of them know their responsibilities and boundaries when they are inside the school campus.  Here I’m not mentioning about securing high marks.

This is the first time, I seen the school where teachers helps the students to develop their leadership skill by sharing more responsibilities.   Please note both students and teachers need that for mutual growth.  Of course  their environment demands it.

When I struggle to work with less than 10 members’ team many times in my other part of life, an 8th standard student seamlessly handles about 80+ students.    And I got a privilege to see that GLD Movement recognizes them as “top ranked students passed out for the year” on 15-Aug-2013 after two years.

Winners always use the lessons they learned through various resources.    Those students, living as examples for me for the above said statement.   I’m not surprised but I learned from them, when they recalled “SWOT Analysis” which I shared with them couple of years ago.

When they shared their success story with their juniors, I learned the dedication towards sharing the knowledge and important of keep the knowledge as open source. I’m so happy that, the core value of GLD Movement also driven by this.

While current year students sharing their goals and why they want to achieve?  The whole class room filled with love to their Parent, brothers, Sisters and Teachers.   This is very rare experience to get in your life isn’t it?!

Even its’ rains continuously, students were there to celebrate their Independence Day.   It shows nothing lesser than their respect to their country.   But as I knew, they are not received what they deserve at least from their fellow citizens.

When old students of the school shared their experience, every one of them shares their respect to their teachers, especially to the elementary school teachers.

When I seen the home of top ranked student and discussed with their family members, I just understand nothing will stops us if we have the willingness to achieve our goal.

I’m confident, GLD Movement play it’s part in collaboration with the teachers’ to share the knowledge and experience to give right exposure to the students and guide them to achieve their goal.

As per the discussion we had with the Head Mistress, hope very soon we’ll be having CAO-Junior program, possibly in the month of October’13.   Like every one of you I’m also eagerly waiting for that moment.

Once again my special thanks to Thangeswaran, Senthilkumar and family, School students, Teachers and especially head mistress, she was real inspiration to do more for the government schools.

For more photos from the event :  School students meet, Ponthur

With Thanks and Greetings,

R. Mahendran

Founder – GLD Movement