Team FTC Congrats Prem (Seoul)

Dear All,

Greetings to everyone.

It’s real surprise to me personally, finding someone who moved out of his country and still remember his commitments and do the activities for his commitments he made it in his own land.   It is really great to have such inspiring individual across the globe who actually take this world forward.    He is none other than Mr. Prem Anand, join us to congrats for his achievement  (10k run at Seoul International Marathon – 2017)


Share your inspiring activities “For The Cause”.

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2017 : For The Cause Challenge Awaiting For You

Dear All,

Greetings from Team GLD Movement and FTC.

Congrats to each and everyone who contributing to spread positive change, creating positive results through their actions.

8.5 million Kms achieved by global team for the cause of “United Nations Sustainable Development Goals”.    In order to celebrated the same we’ll be dedicating all our activities as a “Thanks Giving” Activities to selfless hearts.

To know more about Dec’16 initiative visit here..


We are expecting to reach at least 9 Million Kms “For The Cause of UNSDGs” on or before 31st Dec’16.    Our ultimate aim is to reach as many as possible to spread positive thoughts, actions and results.

With the confident we gained from 2016…  our 2017 event initiated and you can start adding your contributions from 1st Jan’17 5:30AM.

All the very best and good luck to all the volunteers…

Link to  2017 For The Cause event is here..

Take few minutes to Register yourself :



 To know more about FTC : 

For The Cause is an initiative to spread positive thoughts and energy to public through “Public Awareness Drive ”

How we do that?
Walk,  Run, Cycle, Public speaking & discussions, photograph, creative works

Who?  Everyone who interested

Where?   Wherever you located

How to connect?  More details available in respective forms
Please find the important links

Our FB Page

FTC Registration Form :

Link for Progress update  (Please update  once in month – Just to avoid overloading yourself) :

Link for offline personal tracker:

Or Join us in  Endomondo: FOR THE CAUSE –




With Greetings and Thanks
R. Mahendran – Coordinator


Half Marathon: Freedom Run – 15 Aug 16 – Join Our Founder

Dear All,


Thanks to team FTC and GLDM, as part of Public Awareness Drive, this Independence Day  I’ll be running Half Marathon at Theni with the theme “Freedom Is Not Free” “Respect Our Freedom”

Join us to wish him for the successful “Half Marathon”


Let us hear from him

If you ask me why you run Half Marathon and name the run as “Freedom Run -2016”?  

The answer is very simple, whatever I’m able to think or / and  do for the betterment of self, family and society everything possible because of the only one thing it’s nothing but “FREEDOM”.   Here freedom not only means the “Freedom of/ in this Nation”, it’s beyond that.

Hope,( like me) everyone of us felt we are missing something many time in our life, “ To Think the way we like to;  To Do the way we love to” without affecting integrity of Self, Family, Nation  and This Universe.    Yes it’s nothing but “Freedom”.

What is very important for me and you is, we should understand Freedom Is Not Free,  learn ourselves to Respect Our Freedom, demand for it whenever / wherever denied.   This freedom run is “Symbol of Respect to the Freedom I’m living with” and 15th Aug is the perfect day to do the same when you are living in India.

This is my commitment for “This Independence Day!” as a “For The Cause runner”.   What about you?

I’m really proud of team FTC the way they take it forward this initiative to new heights.

You can join me wherever you might be….  and you can walk, run, cycle, click, write, Speak and do it for the cause and share your experience at

All the very best to team.

With Greetings and Thanks,

Mahendran – Founder GLDM,FTC

FTC Congrats Saravanababu

Dear All,
Greetings from team FTC and GLDM.

Join us to congrats Mr. Saravanababu  who completed his maiden 10k Challenge run  at Bangalore recently.


He also aiming Half Marathon in near future at Bangalore.

Join us to wish him all the success.

Share your experience during your For The Cause Journey.  To know more about FTC visit FB Page GLDMFORTHECAUSE

With Thanks and Greetings,


Dear Team,

Greetings from the heart of everyone here on behalf of team GLD MOVEMENT let me share my hearty congrats and thanks to each and everyone across the globe for their contribution to the ONE MILLIION KM  achievement of FTC.  We are taking positive energy to the people,  join us in this journey.




I personally thank Mr. Suthakaran for his contribution,  he dedicated his valuable time to reach many of you. 



Dear all,

Greetings. Today lake to lake 10k Run was excellent with FTC runners.  Join us to welcome maiden 10k runner Karthick, Shankar Anand and Neeraj. Special thanks to Sundar for water and lime juice arrangement for the runners.

We just begin and long way to go. Share your “for the cause” experience with us. You can walk, run, cycle, click, speak, write for the cause. Choose your cause and do it.

This run is part of our practice session for FTC RUN at TWCM-2015.   All our FTC runners getting ready to participate on TWCM-15.   We are looking forward to see you there.

If you like to choose your global goal, just search in our blog to get the global goal list.

Apart from that we have few question to you…

Do you know the location of these lakes ?  if not just click the link

Puzhal Aeri

Retteri Lake

Do you support or like to save your environment? [ Find what is relevant Global Goal]

Thanks and Greetings,


For The Cause : Run – To Support Global Goals for Sustainable Development

FTC Update: Run To Support Global Goals

Today (11-10-2015), Run For The Cause was really excellent experience. We were waiting from 4am to have favourable climate to start our run. Due to heavy rain many of our team missed today session. But around 6.30 we got okay signal from the sky with drizzling we done our 10k.

Thanks to Suthakaran , Rangaraju, Manivannan and Mahendran. And we conveyed our sorry to people planned to come from distance for the event predicted weather condition poorly.

Next  training scheduled

Wednesday – 10k  – Redhills – Padiyanallur – Chollavaram Lake – Redhills

Sunday – 10k – Will be communicated on or before 15 – 10 -2015

Get ready team.

Let us extend our support to global goals.



With Greetings,

Team GLD Movement