Anybody can Learn Computer Science

As computer / mobile / technology become part of our day to day life we cannot ignore them but learn them and use them effectively.

The link is an initiative from USA® is a nonprofit dedicated to expanding access to computer science in schools and increasing participation by women and underrepresented minorities. Our vision is that every student in every school has the opportunity to learn computer science, just like biology, chemistry or algebra. provides the leading curriculum for K-12 computer science in the largest school districts in the United States and also organizes the annual Hour of Code campaign which has engaged 10% of all students in the world. is supported by generous donors including Amazon, Facebook, Google, the Infosys Foundation, Microsoft, and many more.

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Dear All,


On 16 Aug’17, GLD Movement starts it’s 6th year journey, at this great moment, let me take the opportunity to share my hearty thanks to each and everyone of you for your great contribution to GLD Movement and it’s initiatives.

At this wonderful time, let me share few moments from our previous year Journey.

Thank you once again for being with GLD Movement and it’s initiatives.

GLD Movement 5th Year Journey – Part 1

GLD Movement 5th Year Journey – Part 2  [For FTC]

Feel free to share your activities related to FTC for 2017…

Share with your friends and Family.

See you next year…. this time with another update…
With Greetings
R. Mahendran


Dear Volunteers / Members / Sponsors / Mentors / Partners / Beneficiaries

Greetings from team GLD Movement

We cordially welcome you with your family and friends to join us in “Energizer Meet – 2016”  on13th Aug’16 to begin our 5th year journey in bringing positive changes through our positive actions (Greet, Learn and Do)

Energizer Meet - 2016 Invitation

We   take this great moment as an opportunity to thank all Volunteers, Sponsors, Mentors, Partners, Beneficiaries, you all make it possible for us.    We all done considerably positive actions which we like to share with you as “recap 2015”

2015 Projects Recap:

  • About 500 rural government school 10th and 12th students from  three states (Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Pondicherry)   benefited through “Ignite Me” initiative (Solar Lamps For Rural Students)
  • Two Schools from Tamil Nadu already initiated the process of “Donate My Lamp To My Junior”
  • Three rural libraries got benefited through “RIDS” program (Steel racks provided)
  • For The Cause (FTC):  A public awareness drive taken great form this year and breaking various milestones.   Till July, around 2000 like-minded individuals across the globe achieved 4 million kilometer for the cause of “ Sustainable Development  Global Goals by United Nations.  The journey continue… Hope you like to join us
  •   Many and continuous For The Cause team activities initiated regularly to spread the positive energy to the society  [ Join us in FB :  GLDMFORTHECAUSE ]
  • RCF (Relief and Rehabilitation Collaboration Forum) :   During Chennai and Cuddalore flood we got opportunity serve in collaboration with many organizations, Individuals.  We done relief activities as well able to bring positive light in 10+ families by providing solar lights (Thanks to team D-Light and D-Orange) , home construction for one family (Near Redhills),  Iron box and Sewing Machines for 10+ families (Thanks to Service team of Gamesa)
  • 10 mothers’ from various walk of life benefited during Women’s Day celebration (Thanks to Sevaikarangal)
  • 2000+ people benefited through online public awareness program  under various knowledge area
  • We also took part in various volunteering activities organized by Thozhan, CTC & TWA



Our Initiatives for coming years

Nanneer – Aim to Providing Purified water for rural schools and villages

Penmai  – Aim to providing “Bio-degradable Sanitary Napkins”

Vizhuthukal – Aim to support rural government school students higher studies

TID  – Aim to identify and develop government school students (in Science / Technology / Social)

There are some more journey experience to share with you in person and expecting your presence on 13 – Aug -2016 at our founder’s home (Anugragha Nagar, Theni) to begin our exciting 5th year journey and we are sure it’ll will bring more positive energy to all of us.

If you like to took part in any of these initiatives  please use below link or fill out the forms or contact us

Alternative link

With Greetings

Team GLD Movement

Contact :  R. Mahendran    /   +91-9445528556

For The Cause Runner at TWCM

Dear All,

Greeting,  part of For The Cause  run, FTC runners took part in today’s The Wipro Chennai Marathon  and support the cause “CLIMATE ACTION ”

Join me to congrats Neeraj,  Premkumar, Karpagavalli and Mahendran for their support.  More members taking part to support this cause.  So more updates to come.


Thanks and Greetings

கருவெளி ராச. மகேந்திரன்
+91 -94455 28556



Dear All,

Greeting from GLD MOVEMENT.

           We are very happy to share with you that our  first Energizer meeting held in Karnataka on 5th Dec 15 the same day after the solar lamp distribution function( Ignite me karnataka)at Gunjur Government High School.

Thank you very much for the members who shared their views from remote, special thanks for people who make it in person for the meetings.

Please find the Minutes of the meeting.

Welcome note given by founder
Introduction about GLD MOVEMENT to new members
Discussion about GLDM activities (Projects)  in Tamil Nadu,  PONDI & Karnataka  with new members
New ideas and views given by new members for 2016 projects
PAD program planning

With Greetings

Team GLD Movement


E.M.Dec-5thDear All,

Let me thank each and everyone for the extended support for our activities.

Agenda for the Meeting:​

1. Welcome and Thanks Note by Founder
2. Introduction of new members
3. CAO – JUNIOR Update
4. CAO – YUVA Update
5. CAO – CM Update
6. CAO – INTELLECT update
7. Any other pointsLocation : Bangalore

In coming month we’ll organize the meetings in other locations also.

With Thanks and Greetings,
Team GLD Movement
+91-94455 28556

FTC: For The Cause -Run: Congratulations to Mr.Vinodh

Dear all,
Join us to congratulate Mr.Vinodh for completing his 10km run at Coimbatore Marathon organised by CCF. He always likes to link his actions with cause and this time the cause is supporting “GLOBAL GOAL 1: NO POVERTY”.   He also said that his forth coming run will be for other global goals. We welcome Mr.Vinoth to team FTC.


He is also supporting INGITE ME- an initiative by GLD Movement  to support the rural school students education by providing Solar lamps . We are proud to have him in our team.

To know more about  FTC and part of the initiative keep in touch with us.

With Greetings and Thanks,
Team- GLD Movement.