Diwali : Meditation For The Cause

Dear All,

Greetings to you and your families.

This Diwali join me for the cause team meditation from your location.

I’ll be meditating 5hrs For The Causes ” Save Our Resources & Inner Peace” from my location

Do join and share your experience




Dear All,


On 16 Aug’17, GLD Movement starts it’s 6th year journey, at this great moment, let me take the opportunity to share my hearty thanks to each and everyone of you for your great contribution to GLD Movement and it’s initiatives.

At this wonderful time, let me share few moments from our previous year Journey.

Thank you once again for being with GLD Movement and it’s initiatives.

GLD Movement 5th Year Journey – Part 1

GLD Movement 5th Year Journey – Part 2  [For FTC]


Feel free to share your activities related to FTC for 2017…

Share with your friends and Family.

See you next year…. this time with another update…
With Greetings
R. Mahendran

Meditating For The Cause – Aug 15 and 16

Dear All,

Greetings and Happy Friendship Day

2016 Aug 15th was “Freedom Run” For The Cause.

2017 Aug 15th and 16th it’s planned “Meditation For The Cause” of Inner Peace and Freedom.

I plan to do 5Hrs of meditation per day ( Totally 10Hrs in two days)

Please join me… adding your hours to it…

Thank you very much for your contribution from Sep’14… “For The Cause”

Share with your friends and family  every minutes count…

Update your total meditated Minute… to gldmovementtrust@gmail.com or in FB:GLDMOVEMENT | FB:GLDMFORTHECAUSE  or in our FB group


My Location : Theni
My Timing : 6 to 9am, 7 to 9pm  (15th)  and 4am to 9am on 16th Aug’17
Name : Mahendran

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With Thanks and Greetings
R. Mahendran
Volunteer & Founder
GLD Movement / For The Cause


Dear All,

Greetings to everyone.

Again a great commitment from Mr. and Mrs. Prem Anand toward The Global Goals. They participated in Hangang Night Walk 42K, Seoul, South Korea  and Dedicated to GENDER EQUALITY under The Global Goals.

Join me to congrats both of them…


Share your Goal and activity to inspire many of us..



Ignite Me: Solar Lamps Distributed To Vaaikkaal Paarai Govt School

Dear All,

Greetings from GLD Movement.

As part of CAO-Junior, we are pleased to collaborate with rural government schools students in the process of their education development.

As part of that, through IGNITE ME initiative we distributed solar lamps to the 12th students .Our hearty thanks to each and everyone who made it possible.

Special thanks to all the Teachers, Students and HM of Vaaikkaal Paarai Government HS School.

With Greetings,
Team GLD Movement

For more details contact

+91-94455 28556 – R. Mahendran – FB: Mahe Raj Saro

2017 : For The Cause Challenge Awaiting For You

Dear All,

Greetings from Team GLD Movement and FTC.

Congrats to each and everyone who contributing to spread positive change, creating positive results through their actions.

8.5 million Kms achieved by global team for the cause of “United Nations Sustainable Development Goals”.    In order to celebrated the same we’ll be dedicating all our activities as a “Thanks Giving” Activities to selfless hearts.

To know more about Dec’16 initiative visit here..


We are expecting to reach at least 9 Million Kms “For The Cause of UNSDGs” on or before 31st Dec’16.    Our ultimate aim is to reach as many as possible to spread positive thoughts, actions and results.

With the confident we gained from 2016…  our 2017 event initiated and you can start adding your contributions from 1st Jan’17 5:30AM.

All the very best and good luck to all the volunteers…

Link to  2017 For The Cause event is here..


Take few minutes to Register yourself :   https://goo.gl/YeEBtY



 To know more about FTC : 

For The Cause is an initiative to spread positive thoughts and energy to public through “Public Awareness Drive ”

How we do that?
Walk,  Run, Cycle, Public speaking & discussions, photograph, creative works

Who?  Everyone who interested

Where?   Wherever you located

How to connect?  More details available in respective forms
Please find the important links

Our FB Pagehttps://www.facebook.com/GLDMFORTHECAUSE/

FTC Registration Form :   https://goo.gl/YeEBtY

Link for Progress update  (Please update  once in month – Just to avoid overloading yourself) :

Link for offline personal tracker:  https://goo.gl/IlVHFU

Or Join us in  Endomondo: FOR THE CAUSE –

2017: https://www.endomondo.com/challenges/31221784

2016: https://www.endomondo.com/challenges/27448678


With Greetings and Thanks
R. Mahendran – Coordinator



Dear All,


Hope you all enjoying your beautiful life.

It’s very difficult to believe myself that 2,600 great souls across the globe committed themselves “For The Cause”  of UN Sustainable Goals ( The Global Goals)  and achieved 8Million Kms and going strong to break it’s own records.   My hearty thanks to each and every one of them on behalf of GLD Movement, FTC.

My special thanks to Suthakaran and family, Balaji, Senthil, Karpagavalli, Saravana Babu, Prem, Visagan, Vinod, Rajesh kanna and family, Rama, Sumathi, Rangaraju, Ashok, Sabari, Gopikrishnan, Gowri, Buvana, Rajenthiran, Manoj, Shankar Anand, Neeraj, Karthik, Sundar, Suthat, Mocquant, Phanikumar, Lingaraju, Sony Paul Peter, M.Mahendran, Vishnu Priyanka, Team Gamesa, Theni and many of them not mentioned here for supporting this initiative initially with lot of positive energy.

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 FTC and It’s Journey:

The idea FTC (For The Cause) was born during 2012 as an initiative to spread positive message to public through various activities like walk, run, cycling, photography, writing.   But that time it was only three to five of us go for cycling / running / walking to explore water resources in and around place where we live.   Then it’s limited to the special day activity.    During second half of 2015, restarted this activity at my new location and adopted “United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals”  as main theme to spread among public.

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The first person to join me at new location is Suthakaran then we got lot of support from colleagues, friends and family members.    Everyone of them chosen their own “global goal(s)” to support and the activity through which they support for year 2016 and beyond.    Then we got info about Endomondo (personal activity tracker app), which helped us to connect virtually across the globe.

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While we initiated, we thought we might achieve 50,000km in this year as a team.  But today we crossed 8 million km for the cause.    I knew, it brought lot of changes in many of our life during this 300 + days.  Personally, I feel proud for restarting this initiative for many reasons.   Few reasons are,  it’s always guideline for my actions,  give direction, improved physical and mental strength, determination, commitments.  I started with the aim of 2016km (walk, run and cycling) and spread the global goals atleast to 1,000 people.   But, I got confident to raise my goal to 2516km within few weeks.  Today, the fact is the revised goal also achieved during 3rd week of August.   Now my  journey continue beyond 3100km as on 20th of Nov’16.

Share your experience/ article / write-up 

in our FB Page  : https://www.facebook.com/GLDMFORTHECAUSE/

or to gldmovementtrust@gmail.com


Thanks Giving:

As a volunteer and founder of FTC, let me take this opportunity to thank 2600+ participants across the globe for taking FTC milestone to new heights.    Next question is, how to thank these selfless souls?   In our way,  I’ll be dedicating all my next 30 x 10km (walk, run, cycle), 1 HM, 25 Poems.  Also theme for month Dec’16 will be “Month For Thanks Giving” and “Global Citizens”.   Thank you everyone from bottom of my heart.

YOU all make it possible.

Join us “For The Cause”

Dec’16 – Month For “Thanks Giving” and For “Global Citizens”



With Thanks and Greetings,

R. Mahendran

Founder – GLD Movement, FTC

PC :  Thanks to every volunteer who shared