Dear All,

Happy Independence Day to each and everyone of you from my bottom of the heart.

The day I decided to run Half Marathon, I found the name “Freedom Run”  also decided the themes as “Freedom is Not Free”  “Respect Our Freedom”.    While we (Indian) all getting ready to celebrate our 70th Independence Day, I began my day at 4.30am.  Within another 30min I’m ready to begin my “Freedom Run” this time without any partners and I knew that this experience going to be unique and never going to be one running along with 1000s of runner in a well known race.    This “Freedom Run”  aimed to understand the forms of freedom I’m enjoying this part of the world.    Before sharing my running experience, let me keep open a single question to you “FREEDOM – What does it means for you? “  Just find the answer.  

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Now, coming back to running experience, throughout my run there are up and downs not only in the terrain also in my pace  but I strongly finish this ride with 6.18 min /km average, this is my personal best timing in Half Marathon.    The very important part is after start volunteering for FTC, today I proud myself for accomplishing  HM with my PB also run without water and breaks.   After completing I too feel of running further, this confident and energy build in this past 7 months 15 days FTC activities.   Thanks to “For The Cause (FTC)”

I personally thank every volunteers across the globe to support “Sustainable Development Goals” or “Global Goals”  this year.   Let  me dedicate “Freedom Run” to all my fellow Indian and the global citizens who fight / contribute the freedom of common man across the globe and beyond boundaries.

Just marching towards my 2516 km goal for this year (2016)

I personally proud and happy about the opportunity I got to support “For The Cause”

Note :   My previous HM timings were 3h15m, 2h45m

With Thanks and Greetings,

R. Mahendran

Volunteer & Founder GLD Movement, FTC