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Greetings from GLD Movement.

We thank, 2418 participants across the globe who supported this cause “ ZERO TOLERENCE FOR THE ILLEGAL WILDLIFE TRADE”  – THE THEME FOR World Environment Day 2016.

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This two weeklong event created (using Endomondo app) to spread the message to public  by GLD MOVEMENT through the “FOR THE CAUSE” initiative.   For The Cause is an initative for the positive change and results from GLD Movement.  Suthakaran coordinating this event and take it to many of us.   Thanks to his efforts and dedication.

High Lights from the event :

Number of Participants from across the globe  :  2418

Total Hours dedicated for the cause : 34,690 Hours

Total distance achieved by the global team : 3,73,760 Kms

Total Kcal for the cause : 18Million Kcal


Top 10 Contributors “ FOR THE CAUSE” from various part of the world



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To know more about FTC : 

For The Cause is an initiative to spread positive thoughts and energy to public through “Public Awareness Drive ”

How we do that?
Walk,  Run, Cycle, Public speaking & discussions, photograph, creative works

Who?  Everyone who interested

Where?   Wherever you located

How to connect?  More details available in respective forms
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To know more about GLD MOVEMENT and it’s activities feel free to contact us at  +91 – 94455 28556

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