Greetings from GLD MOVEMENT

I personally excited about this event,  only because of three schools meeting at single location and the function organized at Sogandi government high school. 

Students from Vaayalur Government High School and Ganothaya high school (for special students) reached Sogandi government school on time.  Sumathi and her team made this magic happened with many people support.  Can you image this? 
During end of the program we all (students and us)  shared our thanks and salutation which they accepted generously. 


All three schools committed to break their schools previous records and set new.  We from GLD MOVEMENT agreed to share our love to support them in their education journey.

The Message
I’m writing this during my return journey from the event.  I got a surprise message from Vayalur Govt School 🇭🇲  is that he’ll be taking VRS to support rural education (just few hours after hearing my vision “to support rural education”)  and during my speech at school Sogandi government high school committed to me to support my vision.  It seems to me my journey started.  I’m just going to see them from this moment.   It also giving me lot of energy to do it. 

I’ll also share more about it very soon..   as I need to get ready for tomorrow Pakkam village students meet…  


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With Thanks and Greetings
R. Mahendran
Founder and Volunteer GLD MOVEMENT

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