Dear All,

Thanks to every heart and mind working towards the betterment of the society.

Relief Collaboration forum (RCF) created with following mission and continue this activity at least for next six months (till Jun’16)


1. To share the “flood affected areas and requirements for that area”
2. To share the available material donors and material details
3. Help and facilitate to reach the flood relief materials required people and area
4. To find right area for volunteering to volunteers
5. For donors who like to share as fund (Money), facilitate the donor to achieve his purpose. We request you to keep this as last option and we recommend you to supply as a required material or arrange transportation facility and it’s cost directly.

It’s all possible through everyone of our collaboration and co-ordination and right information sharing at right time. This will help us to reach the unreached area and serve the needed people

Who Can Share the info :

Everyone of us (But it should be a verified info / requirement to avoid unnecessary action towards that requirement)
We take sincere efforts to validate the info but the responsibility again with person who share the info. So please take utmost care.

Image result for interesting photos of chennai flood

The link to the form

There are four section in the form ( listed below), please visit the relevant section and fill the all necessary field without fail.

1. Requirements for flood affected area
2. Donor who like to share as materials
3. Volunteers registration
4. Donor who like to share as money- Even funds are very important, at this moment volunteers at the field play very critical role (so we recommend you to opt for option 2 and 3, and if you don’t have any other option, please choice option 4) to donate as money

With Thanks and Greetings,
R. Mahendran – +91 – 94455 28556
Founder – GLD Movement (Greet – Learn – Do)
“RCF is one of the For The Cause Initiative by GLD Movement “