Dear All,

Greetings from GLD Movement.

As part of Public Awareness Drive (PAD), GLD Movement initiated the FTC [ For The Cause].

What is FTC? :

To support any good cause, spread the message among the public and bring the positive change in the society where we live we synchronize all our actions For The Cause.

How? :

To achieve the above vision, we can Run, Walk, Cycle, Speak about it, Write about it, Support through Photography (Click) and any action which brings positive change to the society we live.

Now ?: We are going to Run For The Cause

What is Our Cause?

“Crackers Free Diwali, To Save Mother Nature”

FB Event Link :

If you like to know more about FTC and want to be part of it contact us at

+91 – 94455 28556

Join us at TWCM-2015

With Greetings and Thanks,
Team GLD Movement.