Greetings from GLD Movement

Before sharing our 3rd anniversary celebration experience with you, let me share our hearty thanks and greetings to each and everyone of you being part of GLD Movement throughout this Journey.   Specially let me thank all the NGOs and their members, Government School students, teachers and head masters, Head mistress, College students, Staffs and management, public, government official, Industry experts, friends, mentors, Our suppliers and members of GLD Movement, their family & friends  with your guidance, support and collaboration this journey is possible for us.

With the same support and collaboration let us continue our journey in 4th year.   As I repeatedly shared many time with you “We are here to identify the challenges and make them as opportunities for the betterment of the society”.  We’ll do it with positive energy and positive process.

Fresh Blood and Fresh Energy:

As you knew we are expanding our activities across Tamil Nadu as well we are taking up the projects progressively in order to improve our contribution to the vision.   In order to make this possible, like minded selfless team members also joined their hands for this cause.   This gives us fresh blood and fresh energy; surely you’ll see the outcomes in few weeks from now.   Join me to welcome our new members on board R. Karpaga valli,  A.M. Senthil kumar, R. Jaya Gowri, P. Uma Maheswari and S.K.Rama Devi. Bigger team with biggest responsibility; from now expect biggest changes within GLD Movement activities and our contribution to the society.



It’s great morning at Theni for all of us, as it’s like family get together after long time.   Post lunch session our four chief guests Mr.R.Nagarani, Mrs.R.Pitchaimani, Mrs.K.Vijayalakshmi and Mrs.P.Sumathi delivered very valuable message to all of us.   The key messages are in line with “Wishing to Do” to “Doing”, what need for an individual to become doer?  It’s started from Family values, Parent and Children relation, Self-Belief, belief on almighty, contributing to the society at possible level without failing, their life journey experience.  We all blessed to hear from them.  I personally thank our chief guest and their family members for sparing valuable time with us.


The first fund for the 4th year Journey received from S.K. Rama Devi and family, Mrs.R.Pithaimani and family.   This was real surprise for me personally, especially from S.K. Rama Devi family because they contributed the first month salary for Ignite Me initiative which support the Rural Government schools 10th and 12th students by providing solar lamps for their studies.  I thank them for their decision and contribution also conveyed that this will help GLD Movement to support 40 students for their studies.

Evening Walk along Western Ghats with all team members was excellent experience hope everyone of us enjoyed and remembers for long time.   After return from the walk, I got opportunity to brief about GLD Movement’s three years journey, activities and future plans, projects.   The day one for me was like family get together.    Everyone collaborate to do every activity for the day is highlights the team efforts.



According to me the special guests for Day-02 are Nagajothi and Sabari, they are currently doing their 12th standard at government school near Theni.   Mostly we three discussed about the current challenges they have and going forward plan while we spend our time in Vaigai dam.    Before lunch time we reached Kumbakkarai and enjoyed good time with swimming.   The experience with Visagan and some of our team members highlights me our learning now within the class room, outdoor experiences missing for younger generation.    That’s why many of them not got chance to learn swimming while their parents experts in the same .


Lunch at shadows of Mango Farm with guards to protect ourselves from Monkeys of kumbakkarai;   mostly they (Monkeys) are more strategic while approaching as well attacking.   Thanks to Prem, Senthil, Sumathi and the ladies belongs to Mango Farm for guarding and saving all of us J.   After excellent lunch at great green environment we started to Theni.

With all pleasures and good memories we are started our return journey to Chennai, the clouds in and around Theni gave us send-off with rain.

My hearty thanks to my parent, sisters and Visagan’s family because without them we might not enjoyed healthier as well tasty food for these two days.   Of course my special thanks to everyone who involved during the preparation.

As a team member of GLD Movement, I was happy about this meeting as it’s helped all of us to share our thoughts, knowledge to take forward our social contribution.   Also so confident very soon we’ll see more in actions.   When and where is out next meeting?  This question remains same in all our hearts….

The special highlight during this meet was we got solar lamps requirements for 100 students who are doing 10th and 12th standards in government school.  From this request we are going to do our activities not only in Tamil Nadu also in Pondicherry.   Now some discussion for Kerala also initiated… Very soon expect more activities from us.

Let us Greet, Learn and Do.

With Thanks and Greetings,

R. Mahendran

Founder & Managing Trustee

GLD Movement