Dear All / Energizers,
Greetings from GLD Movement.

Hope you all enjoying your Sunday with family and friends. Let me welcome everyone of you for the monthly Energizer Meet. In order to overcome the challenges of distance and availability we are making this event online.
Many of us might thinking where and how to contribute to the social cause? If you have that in your heart then i can say your home, street or local area is the first place to start the same. If you have challenges in making your thoughts in to actions then many of us here to collaborate.
All the very best for your initiatives.
Let me thank all our (volunteers) Energizers for their contribution in day to day progress. Our special thanks to our Mentors from various walk of life, school students, teachers, public for their support guidance to execute the every events successfully at their places.
Please find attached… Jan’15 energizer updated for your quick view, feel free to contact us for further collaboration

Energizer Update - Jan 15

With Greetings and Thanks
R. Mahendran Mahe Raj Saro
Founder – GLD Movement.
on behalf of Team GLD Movement