Dear All,

Let us thank all of you for your extended support / participation / contribution for all our earlier initiative through Public Awareness Discussion.
As we communicated during PAD-006 [ “TAMIL NADU WATER RESOURCES” ]
we are initiating one of the key area it’s need our involvement / contribution / attention immediately

We are dedicating this event to : Every Agriculturist

The main purpose of the this event is to create awareness about “Agriculture At Present”

We request you to share your thoughts and ideas as per following topics

1.Type of Agriculture followed in India
2.Water Resources available for Agriculture
3.Key Challenges for Agriculture
4.Key Challenges for Agriculturist
5.Government policies and supports
6.NGOs’ / Individual / Organization supporting Agriculture
7.Future of Agriculture in India
8.Possible solutions / proposals
9.Tell us : How you like to involve yourself to Agriculture?
10. Great initiative in Agriculture

Who can Participate: Everyone who interested to save agriculture / agriculturist for future generation and contribute, involve in Agriculture and any public

Duration :

Part-01 – Jan’05(2014) to Mar’14 – Focused on Macro level

Part-02 – Apr’14 to Sep’14 – Focused on Area specific issues [Micro Level]


Part-03-Oct’14 to Jan’15(2015)
Organized & Coordinated By
GLD Movement
[We – Greet – Learn – Do]

For any communication feel free to write to us

If you are a Student / Expert / Public / Institution Reach us here…

Volunteers for this cause:

We are looking forward to work along with volunteer[s] to prepare the presentation contents…. students / experts / anyone with lot of interest to spare their valuable time for social causes, could reach us either in my number +91-9445528556 or by email