Greetings from GLD Movement.

It’s always great to be part of solution.  GLD Movement and it’s members always part of solution.   This is again one more initiative which will make us aware about the key challenges we have within our Environment and how we can be part of solution?
WED – 2014 theme :

So What is WED?   To read and understand
Do you want to join the WED Challenges and contribute :  visit here to be part of solution

You also have the opportunity to contribute in person on the field coming sunday (8th June) by participate yourself in Chennai Coastal Cleanup-05, with your family and friends  to know more about CCC-05

We are looking forward to see you on 8th June and beyond as a solution.
Let us join, share, and act.  Let us be part of the solution.  Join the online event to spread the message 
With Thanks and Greetings,
Team GLD Movement
R. Mahendran
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