Dear All,

Greetings from GLD Movement.


Thank you very much for your valuable time and contributing to the public awareness creation through photography, constructive knowledge sharing.

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The only possible way I knew to freeze the time, is PICTURING   – “Karuveli RaSa. Mahendran”

As we communicated earlier, this photography sharing event is part of “PUBLIC AWARENESS DISCUSSION-006” an Initiative by GLD Movement.

Main purpose of this photography sharing event
1. Create awareness about the water resources in and around us
2. To spread the message about the importance of the water resources
3. To create awareness to understand to preserve the water resources

We might missed to list out many but our ultimate goal is to “Save Water Resources and Save Mother Earth”

The information shared here will be used for the constructive knowledge sharing purpose, so we kindly request you to share only valid information.

You can share the photos at :

Or you can share the link through this form.  Please never send the photos to us directly.  Do let us know if you have another way to spread this message with more public.

With Thanks and Greetings
Team – GLD Movement

To know more about the PAD-06 event visit our online event: