Dear All,

First and foremost, I would like to thank Head Master / Head Mistress of the school and my sister, without them, interaction with students are not at all possible for me.


Being students always great pleasure isn’t it?!  But many of us realize when we left our school or college days.   For me,  I’m not only student when I’m  sitting in front of my teachers or lecturers  but also standing in front of students to share my experience.

Every school and it’s students are unique one way another.  Today’s school students meet is a special one for me, the reason is “The Students of the School”.    Before you are going to ask me, how you knew before your visit? let me tell you, this is my second visit, first one was about two years ago, just after few month my sister got transferred to this school.    Even I’m not going to share each and every moment of my experience, let me summarize the things I learned from the students & teachers of the Ponthur High School.

While they are enjoying their childhood / student life, many of them know their responsibilities and boundaries when they are inside the school campus.  Here I’m not mentioning about securing high marks.

This is the first time, I seen the school where teachers helps the students to develop their leadership skill by sharing more responsibilities.   Please note both students and teachers need that for mutual growth.  Of course  their environment demands it.

When I struggle to work with less than 10 members’ team many times in my other part of life, an 8th standard student seamlessly handles about 80+ students.    And I got a privilege to see that GLD Movement recognizes them as “top ranked students passed out for the year” on 15-Aug-2013 after two years.

Winners always use the lessons they learned through various resources.    Those students, living as examples for me for the above said statement.   I’m not surprised but I learned from them, when they recalled “SWOT Analysis” which I shared with them couple of years ago.

When they shared their success story with their juniors, I learned the dedication towards sharing the knowledge and important of keep the knowledge as open source. I’m so happy that, the core value of GLD Movement also driven by this.

While current year students sharing their goals and why they want to achieve?  The whole class room filled with love to their Parent, brothers, Sisters and Teachers.   This is very rare experience to get in your life isn’t it?!

Even its’ rains continuously, students were there to celebrate their Independence Day.   It shows nothing lesser than their respect to their country.   But as I knew, they are not received what they deserve at least from their fellow citizens.

When old students of the school shared their experience, every one of them shares their respect to their teachers, especially to the elementary school teachers.

When I seen the home of top ranked student and discussed with their family members, I just understand nothing will stops us if we have the willingness to achieve our goal.

I’m confident, GLD Movement play it’s part in collaboration with the teachers’ to share the knowledge and experience to give right exposure to the students and guide them to achieve their goal.

As per the discussion we had with the Head Mistress, hope very soon we’ll be having CAO-Junior program, possibly in the month of October’13.   Like every one of you I’m also eagerly waiting for that moment.

Once again my special thanks to Thangeswaran, Senthilkumar and family, School students, Teachers and especially head mistress, she was real inspiration to do more for the government schools.

For more photos from the event :  School students meet, Ponthur

With Thanks and Greetings,

R. Mahendran

Founder – GLD Movement