Dear All,

Greetings for each and every one of you for your extended support.

This is again a great moment for us. At this moment let me convey my special thanks to Mr. Lovelin Ruban for his consistent efforts to bring our team idea to reality.


This meaningful logo is with us today only because of our core members and their time to time feedback.

During this happiest moment let me hear from the members on the following

1. What motivates you to be part of GLD movement?
2. What is the best contribution you are planning to make to the society?

Let me keep this event open for a month to have more views from members which is very important for our each and every activities and decisions.

Join and share your views

You have more grounds to play your game… Check the below link to know more about our 2013 road map

With Thanks and Greetings
R. Mahendran

I hope everyone of you like to convey your greetings to Mr.Lovelin Ruban… Please go ahead

and his brother Mr. Lovelin Deepak