Dear All,

Once again it’s proud moment for each and everyone from GLD Movement.  As part of CAO-CM program we started public awareness discussion, the first topic was “Solar Energy For Everyone – An Indian Contest”.  Lot of people take part in this discussion first let me thank each and every one of them.  As we mentioned during the initiation of the process the outcome “Presentation” now available in the following link to view.

Click to view you tube video

Let me thank once again each and everyone who took part in this initiation.

If you like to add more points please use the following link…

The know more about current topic under discussion please use the following link

One kind request to each and everyone of you from us is “Responsibility of Taking this initiative to more people is with each and everyone of us”.

In coming years we are planning to share these outcomes with school and college students as well public who are willing to know about relevant challenges and Opportunities.

Feel free to contact us to know more about various programs of GLD Movement.

With Thanks and Greetings

R. Mahendran


GLD Movement

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